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Episode 10: It was…

Episode 10: It was… published on No Comments on Episode 10: It was…

Due to medical reasons, I will not be updating this comic for a while. For the last couple of weeks I have been struggling with anxiety attacks and depression. A lot of things that used to be therapeutic to helping me manage it are no longer working. This comic being one of them. Which is why I’m taking personal time to focus on my health.

The good news is that Part 1 is done, Part 2 is 50% complete (Coloring, lettering is the last step), and final Part 3 25% with the script completely done. The bad news is I won’t be posting anything more until I am 100% again.

I appreciate everyone who has read up to this point. Have a blessed New Year and take care of yourselves.



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Update published on No Comments on Update

Production of Chapter 2 is going well. I’ve been posting my progress with the pages on my Instagram account at

Here are a few sketches.

I also made a video talking about my progress.

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